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MuAfrica is your go to online media platform for homegrown African Stories.

We bring you compelling stories for African’s in Africa, the diaspora and across the rest of the world.


Mu (moo– oo)

  1. Mu is a Bemba word meaning (“in”)
  2. In; To or toward the inside of

Africa (afrika)

  1. The second largest continent

A new Africa needs a new approach to media . . Join us as we celebrate and showcase an evolving Africa.


To take you inside Africa with content, that is educative, fresh, entertaining and of course African.


To celebrate Africa by showcasing and inspiring young African voices all over the world.

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Muafrica is ready and is looking for different opinions and thought pieces on various topics that affect the everyday life of Africans and the world at large.To submit guest contributions, please follow these guidelines