Youth, Sex and the Church

Have you ever solemnly asked your best friend not to read your diary because it’s wrong and they read it anyway in your absence because being your best friend gave them entitlement to do so? Well, this is the same scenario that youth nowadays go through when it comes to the subject of sex.

Young Single Mothers deserve Respect

Single motherhood is still a garment of shame in many African societies. Society is unreservedly judgmental about single mothers so that those below age 30

What shall Save A Maasai Woman?

By Ollus NdomuMajority of Maasai women in Kenya are living in abject poverty and under cultural oppression. Their poverty is blamed on low school enrollment,


Chiké provokes with a visual for his latest release “20.10.20 (Wahala Dey)”, which focuses on the fallen heroes of the Lekki Toll Gate shooting on 20.10.20, victims

Sampa the Great Does a Live Performance for Black August

Sampa the great does a live performance to celebrate Black August . Black August” is a month of divine meaning, of repression and radical resistance,

LISTEN: Nasty C drops new jam ‘Zulu Man’ ahead of album release

Nasty C will be dropping his third studio album later this month titled ‘Zulu Man with some Power’. Ahead of that his released a new

The Perfect Stranger I Never Knew

I was raised on stories of heroes, in fairytale, in books. Heroes’ slayed dragons fought the enemies and helped to keep safe, happy and free.Hey


Much as we are justified to lay the blame writhe on China and its insatiable appetite for economic dominance, Africa must awaken from its shackles.


Many people are in isolation right now. I asked myself in this sadness, how can a period of isolation bring a deeper connection? Connection to Life,


The most important decision in a Human beings life is to decide using their freewill to lead their purpose in Christ, which is the sole