• Photo of Coronavirus


    The number of confirmed cases and death tolls has surged across the Afrikan continent forcing authorities to imposed strict measures.…

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  • Photo of COVID19 ISOLATION


    Many people are in isolation right now. I asked myself in this sadness, how can a period of isolation bring a…

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  • Photo of Herbal Life

    Herbal Life

    Today we look at how miraculous herbs could be in the treatment of 7 diseases at home.👉1. TYPHOID FEVER: Get…

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  • Photo of Health Desk: 8 Onion Benefits

    Health Desk: 8 Onion Benefits

    Quick Onion Health Facts👉Onions can give your room fresh air and make you sleep easily. (Just slice onion and put…

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  • Photo of Okra Benefits

    Okra Benefits

    Okra is a flowering plant in the mallow family. It is commonly called ladies’ fingers in various parts of the…

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  • Photo of Honey Benefits on Face Skin

    Honey Benefits on Face Skin

    Below are benefits of honey on your skin you never knew;1. Moisturize dry skinHoney is one of best moisturizer for…

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