Leader’s Voice: Nkrumah

Today we look back in history to determine how our fallen statesmen fought for our liberty. Ghana’s founding president, Kwame Nkrumah is one of the

John Cecil Rhodes: Imperialism

John Cecil Rhodes, a Briton, born on 5 July 1853 in England, was the figurehead of British imperialists in Southern Africa. Rhodes in 1870 left

Zambia’s Captain Solo

The Chiluba government suffered a minute military earthquake on the morning of 28th October 1997. A small group of soldiers at the guide of Steven

Africa in History

“The Whites left Africa but the Colonial mind is still in us.” Prof Lumumba History teaches us that whites came to Africa to bring true

Namwanga People

The Winamwanga people of Nakonde District are believed to have come from North East Africa together with the Tonga/Ila people of Southern province at about

Zambia in History-Alice Lenshina

Alice Lenshina was a Zambian woman and self-appointed “prophetess” who is noted for her part in the”Lumpa Uprising”, which claimed 700 lives. Lenshina founded and