• Photo of Leader’s Voice: Nkrumah

    Leader’s Voice: Nkrumah

    Today we look back in history to determine how our fallen statesmen fought for our liberty. Ghana’s founding president, Kwame…

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  • Photo of John Cecil Rhodes: Imperialism

    John Cecil Rhodes: Imperialism

    John Cecil Rhodes, a Briton, born on 5 July 1853 in England, was the figurehead of British imperialists in Southern…

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  • Photo of Zambia’s Captain Solo

    Zambia’s Captain Solo

    The Chiluba government suffered a minute military earthquake on the morning of 28th October 1997. A small group of soldiers…

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  • Photo of Africa in History

    Africa in History

    “The Whites left Africa but the Colonial mind is still in us.” Prof Lumumba History teaches us that whites came…

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  • Photo of Namwanga People

    Namwanga People

    The Winamwanga people of Nakonde District are believed to have come from North East Africa together with the Tonga/Ila people…

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  • Photo of Zambia in History-Alice Lenshina

    Zambia in History-Alice Lenshina

    Alice Lenshina was a Zambian woman and self-appointed “prophetess” who is noted for her part in the”Lumpa Uprising”, which claimed…

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