Zambia’s Captain Solo

The Chiluba government suffered a minute military earthquake on the morning of 28th October 1997. A small group of soldiers at the guide of Steven Lungu aka Captain Solo attempted to topple then Zambia’s president Fredrick Titus Jacob Chiluba.
“This is the voice of Captain Solo, spokesperson of the National Redemption Council. Mr Chiluba, you are to come out of State House with a Geneva flag, white in color-to show that you have surrendered. Failure to which we’ll blow State House, including the animals.
Where is UBZ, INDECO, RAIWAYS, Where are they? We are taking over, so God help us. Meanwhile, Evelyn Tembo play Redemption song. Don’t play love songs; we’ve not come to make love.”
Captain Solo announced.
The aftermath of this futile attempted coup saw 54 people convicted, four died in custody and Zambia’s Supreme Court acquitted 10 others.
In 2010, Zambia’s then president Rupiah Banda, pardoned Captain Solo on humanitarian grounds. He later died on 12th August 2012 of TB among other diseases.

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Ollus Ndhom

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