6 Tips That Can Help You Take More Beautiful Selfies

Selfies, well we love selfies, convenient and easy to share. So much so that millions of them are taken from smartphones every day.

While it is sometimes difficult to be the best judge of which of the Selfies we take bring out our best look, which most times makes the pictures that appear on our social media pages and dating apps cringe-worthy and below par, we can adopt certain tips to get the best possible pictures. Follow the tips below to get the perfect pictures.

good side camera
The “good side”

Your smartphone generally has two camera lenses, one in front and one in back. The best one is located on the back, which prevents you from seeing yourself on the screen when taking the picture, but the results will be higher in quality.

A brilliant selfie

When it comes to photos, light is essential and selfies are no exception to the rule. Be sure to use nice lighting when you photograph yourself. If you’re indoors, favour natural light by moving closer to a window. Outdoors, position yourself at a three quarter angle from the sun. That way, you’ll avoid unsightly backlighting, not to mention squinting. Banish the flash: it rarely makes you look good, especially close up, and it almost always gives the photographed subject red eyes.

Pay attention to the background

As you would when taking a portrait, pay particular attention to the background. Opt for a neutral or uniform background that will enhance your portrait. If you wish to integrate an element of the scenery (tree, sign, animal) into your selfie, make sure that you’re not hiding it… If you’re using Instagram, it has a useful “blur” option to hide the background. One last detail—try to avoid dangerous situations, such as taking a selfie on the side of a road or a cliff.

The right pose

  • Hold the camera at eye level rather than above your head so that you don’t look squashed, like you’re too low down or have a double chin.
  • Look into the lens straight on to avoid shifty eyes.
  • To look your best, photograph yourself at a slight three quarter angle.
  • Apply the “rule of thirds” by positioning yourself on one side rather than in the middle of the frame.
  • If you’re wearing sunglasses, beware of reflection: it can be very unsightly.
  • Don’t pinch your lips to avoid the infamous “duck face.”
  • Banish the zoom, it’s rarely flattering.
  • And smile!

Don’t move!

A common problem when you photograph yourself at arm’s length is blurriness due to the lack of stability, especially when you press the button. To avoid this, use (if possible) your camera’s self-timer set at a few seconds or more if you can put down your phone for the time it takes to pose.

Try, try again

Your first try is rarely the best. Don’t hesitate to take a series of photos and vary the poses to keep the best one.


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