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The most important decision in a Human beings life is to decide using their free will to lead their purpose in Christ, which is the sole reason for their existence. Now! One can only lead this purpose if they have accepted Christ as their personal Saviour using their free will. Making the decision to follow Christ is the first step to an everlasting relationship in purpose. This article is my first ever piece from a series of more to come. It talks about this Important and yet dangerous gift of free will and how we can use it for our good. Be blessed. Enjoy!

What is Free Will? Among the gifts God has given us (Humans) is the gift of Free Will, also known as human will. Free Will is the ability to make decisions that satisfy one’s self-interest. There is nothing on earth as powerful as Free Will. It is so powerful that God Himself does not control it. This is so because the very nature of Free Will implies lf-control.

The Bible gives several accounts of events that show the existence of this vital gift. For instance, the Bible in the book of Joshua challenges us to choose whom we want to serve (using free will). Read Joshua 24 vs. 15. The book of Matthew also gives account of how Jesus called on His Disciples and how they willingly (using free will) yielded to His call.

Free Will determines one’s destiny. Human will is both precious and dangerous meaning it can either work for you or against you depending on how you use it. Free will works for you to inherit God’s promises. It works against you to perish. Read Romans6vs.23.

USING FREE WILL TO INHERIT GOD’S PROMISES The first step to an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ is deciding (using your free will) to follow His path by denying self and forsaking the world. This bold step is as a fruit of the acknowledgment that your purpose in Christ is the sole reason for your existence.

The Bible gives record of how Jesus Christ called on His disciples and how they yielded to His call, for saking all their worldly obligations to follow Him. He chose them not because they were perfect or righteous but by Grace and their willingness to follow Him (using their free will). Through experiences with our divine Lord they were to be made righteous, worthy and fishers of men.

 Brethren, even today, right this second Jesus Christ is calling unto you, knocking, hoping you hear His voice.

It does not matter the kind of sin you carry, the burden you carry, your regrets, the hate you harbor, how much of an addict you are. No matter how other people regard you. Your past or current situation does not matter for He came not to condemn you, He came not to judge you but to save and serve you. He came to make you whole. He came that you may lead a life you consider delightful in Him “God grants the desires of those who believe in Him.” Come to Him with all your imperfections and flaws that through experiences with Him, through mentorship by Him you may grow to be the person He desires you to be, the person you were created to be, “Come to me all who are burdened and heavy loaded and I will give you rest.” This way Free Will is going to work for you that you may inherit God’s promises for your life.

Come to Him who bought you at a price through the blood he shed on the cross. He died that you may live. All you need to do is to make this vital decision using the divine gift of Free Will.

 I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone out there to make this very important decision before the evil one makes it for you. Remember “an Idol mind is the devils workshop.”

There is a life in Christ that you ought to lead. You are not just a mere being, you were created for a purpose. A purpose that will fulfill you. God is calling.

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ABOUT THE WRITER (SABBATH): Born Wellington Simango aka Sabbath is a Gospel rapper, poet and author based in Ndola, the Copperbelt province of Zambia. “The Sabbath is the message placed by Christ upon my soul to preach to this fallen world. The word Sabbath means rest, the rest Christ has promised to those who believe in the nature of His being. In a world defined by war, corruption, hatred, pain, suffering, death etc. Christ assures peace .He assures whom so ever believeth a rest (both while alive and after death) in His purpose just like He rested from all His works of creation on the seventh Day. My Journey is one based on bringing hope, true hope to the hopeless. It is based solely on being a medium through which Christ is unveiled to people who seem to have been overshadowed by what life throws at them and have lost faith in who God is. I am a vessel engineered in a world filled with broken souls that, with or without realizing it need Heaven, need New Jerusalem and most certainly, need the rest that Christ offers as much as I do. For what purpose am I if I don’t live my purpose?”

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