Much as we are justified to lay the blame writhe on China and its insatiable appetite for economic dominance, Africa must awaken from its shackles. Shackles of applying religion unnecessarily. If religion meant well to Africa, Africa would have been the most developed continent decorated with massive industrial productivity.
Africa is bound in shackles of mental inertia, which we the majority minds call unquestionable faith. I don’t think faith is absence of reasoning, inability to stand tall and make impacting decisions.
Today the world is on lockdown, there is fear, death and ubiquitous infections but like always, we have taken to spreading unfounded prophecies. Our religious men and women are busy demanding for tithes and offerings. They are shamelessly even encouraging you to give using mobile money services; what shallow thinking is this? What evil is it in its totality? We are busy absorbing media telling us how Europe is dying of COVID19, how America is preparing lawsuits against China; forgetting that COVID19 is drowning us all here slowly but sure. Let’s not pop our nose in the external world’s affairs.
Let us save our Africa from hungry vultures disguised as leaders, from jacketed fraudulent people disguised as prophets, and let us use our minds to solve our problems without leaning on big fishes. Let us remind ourselves that the greatest religion is one’s relationship with God, not temple walls and doctrines.
I rest my case!

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Ollus Ndhom

I am a purpose driven person who finds pleasure in building a better world. Writing and reading informs my daily schedule of activities.
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