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Today I just want us to discuss the conditions honeymoon cystitis which is more common among women in there twenties
This is a bacterial infection of the urinary bladder that happens in women after having sex for the first time or after engaging in sex following a long period of abstinence. So it is a euphemism for a specific type of UTI that happens under certain specific special circumstances in women.
Why is it common in women?
It is common in women because of anatomy of the female. The pipe that takes urine out of the bladder to the outside (urethra) is much shorter in women than it is in men. This makes it easy for bacteria to reach the bladder in women than men.
Note: As said above cystitis comes after intercourse because the rubbing during sex can cause bacteria from the genital area and anus to come in contact with the urethra which later moves towards the bladder and trigger cystitis
Signs and symptoms
1= Burning sensation when passing urine (Dysuria)
2= Frequent desire to pass urine in a female who has had sex in the past few days. 
3= Painful intercourse (Dyspareunia)
4=Feeling tired or Shaky
5=Pain or pressure in the back or lower abdomen
Cystitis can be treated very easily and quickly with:
1= A course of Antibiotic.
Note: This means that one had unprotected sex and so should be investigated for STIs as well. If there are no other STIs treatment is easy and quick.
2= If you don’t want to take antibiotics right away you may wish to wait for 48hrs to see if the infection clears without any medication
Preventing honeymoon cystitis
1= Use condoms 
2= If you do not use a condom then make it a point to urinate after sex. Others say if you urinate before and after sex it gives better protection. 
3= Drink at least 1L of water daily. 
4= Practice good personal hygiene by remembering to wipe from front to back to avoid bringing anal bacteria to the urethra.
5= In case of vaginal dryness use a water based lubricant to avoid irritation of the mucus membranes.

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