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Ishiwi brings you a budding writer, Chinyanta Nkonde Isabela, a lady behind the Power of Praying Woman Project. She is an influencial wave of change whose focus in writing inquires into human relations, women abuse, God and the integrity of sexuality. In the life filled narrative below, she writes with inspiration from 1 Samuel 18:1.
I spoke too soon and didn’t realize that I was in the wrong. It was love and I thought I had it all figured out not knowing that one day it will end. 
I made so many vows and verbal covenants without me realizing. Who would have known that just saying I will love you forever will keep my soul bound and tied to another? 
I didn’t know that just saying I’ll love you forever and always will keep me tied down to another person’s soul. 
My fellow brethren, it is these words that keep the hurt. 
Remembering past promises and seeing them unfulfilled kills many deeply. 
How can just simple words keep you from moving past the pain and the rejection? 
A soul tie keeps following you despite the seperation. You are still tied to that person; 
Words have the power to create life and to kill. 
The spiritual realm is a place of sensitivity and this is where life is built up from. 
A soul tie has kept you from leaving the pain behind. 
A vow that was harmless has made you miserable without even knowing it. 
And the enemy is rising up like a flood against your soul. 
Without knowing what you are tormented. 
It was all in that soul tie
When you vowed you will never love another woman or man like you loved them. 
A soul tie has kept you in disaster and in disappointment. 
You are in dispear because you believe men are all the same. No that’s not TRUE 
It’s the verbal vows you spoke that created a soul tie and that’s the reason why you are in pain. 
Today I just thought of sharing my thoughts concerning this because many are times we are in undeniable situations and faced with our past mistakes and pains. 
The enemy uses our past to torment the future we want to create. 
Break away from that soul tie you made if you are to see positivity in your life from today. 
proverbs 1:10, 15)
Prayer point 
1. Oh Lord any verbal covenant I made in my past relationships that has kept my soul tied up let be washed away by the blood of Jesus. 
2. Oh God any negative soul ties that are affecting my life from moving on from my past hurts let it catch fire and die in the name of Jesus. 
3. Oh Lord let your spirit create a new heart in me as I cross over to the new year. 
4. Father God, get me out of the league of my unfaithful, filthy associations. 
5. Father set my soul free from any ungodly soul ties that I have been connected to in the name of Jesus. 

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