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Lewis Mulolwa Speaks Out

After Attending & doing business at 48th Graduation ceremony @UNZA for 1 week , Here is what i can tell you University and college students in Zambia.
On the issue of jobs, getting a job in government in Zambia is only by God’s power..and those who are well connected.
People are Graduating.You
can’t believe that they will be another Graduation ceremony at UNZA In May this Same year. Two Graduations and looking at statistics the struggle to get a white collar job in Zed is real guys.
As a fellow student below is my encouragement to you Students in Zambia 
1.Be Open minded to opportunities while you are a student.
2.Business Minded
You can start any business while in school,You can not see the importance of it when starting but in future.
3.Have a skill 
if you are a lady at least know how to plait hair,How to do make up etc you can make money through your skill Who knows may be in future you can be next big thing with most happening hair saloon for big people. You need just to start small that’s the only secret & key.
If you are a guy also work on your skills,football
skills,Singing skills.Etc
hip Skills.
You can be an entrepreneur while you are student,I can assure you jobs are scarce this time..
A lot of graduates are suffering out there due to depending and having hope that government will employ them after graduation.
As a student you need to work on your mindset & Altitude,You need to change the way you see things.. The issue of just saying am doing a Degree I will be a boss when I graduate, you are just fooling yourself. University Degrees are are now just like Drivers license,Only your altitude and mindset will set you apart..So change your altitude comrade.
6.Invest in good friendships.
While we are still students,We need to invest in good friends and associates.
The pressure and struggle of jobs in Zambia will only finish when we change our mindsets as students.. Otherwise the pressure will continue Every year.

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