RAW NARRATIVE: The First Art of Conversation, By Maglorious Mwansa

 I haven’t written in so many months and in this article, I feature two of the most amazing friends I have here in Lusaka. Sometime last year, a friend of mine Steven Mutale told me about a girl he was madly in love with. I didn’t believe him and for some reason I didn’t believe that two people from different walks of life can just fall insanely in love with each other.

One day he drove home and called me.. “Hey Maglorious, I’m outside, could you please come outside, i have just parked across the road.. I went to the car and he introduced me to his girlfriend… Maglorious, this is Chiteau my girlfriend but I like calling her Mrs. Steven. She smiled and I smiled back. We went and sat engine fill in station where we had a meal and talked.. I had never seen my friend this happy.. I know y’all talk about how men cheat and what not but there are actually men who really know how to value and respect a woman.

 Men who understand the importance of sacrifice, To love without expecting anything and even willing to be nothing.. This guy loves his woman.. And there are also men who say all women are the same… I totally disagree with that, Chiteau is one of the most humble and respectful women I know… Smart and selfless just like Steven.. Through them, I have learnt that love is a powerful tool that can literally heal the world and also that you actually glow differently when we love and we are loved back in return. I would like to end with this.

 There are so many busses that men board when they are on a journey but the most paramount bus they need to board is the one that takes them home… Steven feels safe when he is with Chiteau; he is more alive when he is with her… Sincerely and truthfully, when they are together, that’s the finest art of conversation and I cannot be any happier to have such friends like these two… They inspire me a lot… There is nothing like perfect pachalo, but Chiteau in Steven’s heart is his story embroidered in his soul.

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