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She is Pregnant

The following piece was written by Mosses Mulambya, Zambia’s self motivated and driven upcoming writer.
She is pregnant and screened
In her youthful beauty
Though she may seem,
Her symptoms are crystal
Clear she is up.
Her nails are stained
With the color of hatred,
Her finger spreads love
Close as A to Z
Her voice tone, as sweet
As a lion’s on a prey
Indeed she is up!
Her shoes of grace
Can no more contain
Her amplified legs.
They have swelled 
Of her injustice for the poor,
Unforgiving for the weak, 
Unmerciful for the aged,
Stealing from the peasants
To fed her fatherless child,
They have swelled!
Of her increased selfishness,
Her burn for freedom of expression,
Her embellishment 
Of bitterness with sweet,
Her oppression of the midwiferies,
Harassing of the doctors.
She has become wicked,
For she is pregnant.
Her pregnancy has her appetite lost,
She only craves for;
The soup of worker exploitation.
 and egotism
Have become her favorite spices.
She hankers and yearns
Manipulation of public funds, 
Preconception her pet recipe.
Indeed she is up.
Her consignment is so heavy
For her movements,
Her skin has smoothed as crocodile’s,
Her eyes unsteady as the eagles
In search for delinquency. 
Her touch welcoming 
As the bees on honey.
She is insanely up.
Her servants have suffered. 
They have travelled far and wide 
To look for her food.
Like all pregnant mothers, 
She needs fruits of peace,
Cold natural water 
Of co operation
Comedies of democracy, 
Video games of justices
Gym tips of anti-tribalism,

And the nutritious
Love for one another.
Shockingly, she has denied all of it.
She has mirrored interest in
Junk foods of unemployment
Emblazing the glittering 
Glasses of tribalism.
She is thirsty for a drink
Of corruption.
Alas, her health is at stake.
Doctors, nurses, teachers,
Preachers Counsellors, 
And all country women and men
Sing this song to her husband.
She is at the edge of destruction.
What she bears is out of this world
It is weird, the doctors have told
Freeze are they in the tremble of fear
This is so for her labor is near
Cataclysmic, confusing, indiscernible 
Is her conception.
Mother Zambia is pregnant 
What will she birth?

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Ollus Ndhom

Ollus Ndhom is the editorial chief at MuAfrica, a newbie online magazine. He is a self-driven and assertive youth with a belief in the power of words. His hobbies include writing commentaries, composing poems and serving God.

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