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  • Photo of Featured Poem: Afrika in Us

    Featured Poem: Afrika in Us

    Call us daughters of Afrika;Melanin hottiesOur culture is our dressAny gap between us And our tongueOur rituals, our danceAmounts to…

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  • Photo of Word Dose: Nancy

    Word Dose: Nancy

    This royal throne of kings, This sceptred island This earth of majesty, This lush-green This demi-Eden, This fortress built by…

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  • Photo of Word Dose: Mumba’s Child

    Word Dose: Mumba’s Child

    Lady in moron, Mumba’s own child,Most anything hypnotizing lady;Almost most absolute womanMost humorous of any swanEver to traverse this planet’s…

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  • Photo of WORD DOSE


    She was running out of breath, chocking more on her own words than the drops of pouring rain that washed…

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  • Photo of Lyrical Whisper

    Lyrical Whisper

    Laila! I’ve never fallen in love deeper than yours I feel I am the brightest of the sun’s rays, For…

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    A soul in a world with no windowHer life is a riddleWhile she try to copy up with the lossOpen…

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  • Photo of Beauty Sight

    Beauty Sight

    At the roots of these heavensUpon this globe of prolific wanderer wondersUpon this promontoryMan’s cemetery,This beauty sight holds eyes in…

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  • Photo of Poetry Corner

    Poetry Corner

    Today we bring you Dickson Mukabu, a passionate young artist under Lord’s Temple Music company. Dickson is a writer, lyricist…

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  • Photo of Incomparable: Gerald Chimuka

    Incomparable: Gerald Chimuka

    Today on our poetry feature, we bring you Mr Chimuka Gerald, an assertive, innovative and self-directed youth. Currently, he is…

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  • Photo of I Hope

    I Hope

    I hope tears become prayersheartaches become lessonsAnd healing become new beginnings;I hope! I hope you find three people under one…

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  • Photo of I Belong to Africa

    I Belong to Africa

    This land, this place, this teeming womb Of human civilizations, Africa where I belong. I belong to Africa Africa was…

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  • Photo of Cold Case

    Cold Case

    On our poetry feature today, we bring you Ng’andu Owen Chileleko. He is known to many as Doc Noc, a…

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  • Photo of Miss Darkness

    Miss Darkness

    Close your eyes  Do you see her?  Do you see her inexplicable beauty?  Lips whose words you’ve always trusted  Arms…

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  • Photo of Tag your significant other!

    Tag your significant other!

    You’re not an artist yet you draw my attention You’re not the sun yet your smile is as warm You’re…

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  • A Better World: Watipaso Chipeta

    Have you ever stopped and realized that it takes only one letter which is “L” to to turn word “Word”…

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  • Photo of Excerpt From Grey Love

    Excerpt From Grey Love

    Watipaso Chipeta is a young, passionate and spirited emerging writer from Zambia. MuAfrica found her brief book “Grey Love” worth…

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  • Photo of Will you mean what you declare?

    Will you mean what you declare?

    In her innocence you penetrate and spoil her,Your sweet phonemes that reaches her eardrumConfuse her, only to provoke a smileAnd…

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  • Photo of She is Pregnant

    She is Pregnant

    The following piece was written by Mosses Mulambya, Zambia’s self motivated and driven upcoming writer.She is pregnant and screenedIn her…

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    You ask me why am so moody. Why i have a temper So hot like pepper. Why i turn down…

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  • Photo of The Proposal

    The Proposal

    Many charmed my eyes But you touched my heart. I cannot promise you the world It’s a home for all…

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  • Photo of I HOPE

    I HOPE

      I hope you find someone who loves you by choice not chance; Someone who never makes you question your…

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  • Photo of Speak with Thoughtfulness

    Speak with Thoughtfulness

      Too often we speak without any thought, feeling or regard for how those words sound, feel, and influence others…

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  • Photo of Two Faces of a Coin

    Two Faces of a Coin

        Each disappointment is born of expectation Each mistake hungers for correction. Each scar has its story. Every tear…

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  • Photo of Africa


    A silhouette of pulchritude finestFairest of your kind. You’re an apparition from swart clay kneaded; From head to toe, you’re…

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    I have walked roads so wide I have seen beauty held in pride To be frank, You’re beauty’s bank Your…

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  • Photo of muAfrica POEMS: goddess

    muAfrica POEMS: goddess

    Her Biggest weakness was food She needed something to chew for every mood She loved dancing in the shadow of…

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  • Photo of muAfrica POEMS: Duties

    muAfrica POEMS: Duties

    If you’re alive, accept the ups and downs of life As an infant accepts its new name Live knowing life…

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  • Photo of muAFRICA POEMS: Roshni

    muAFRICA POEMS: Roshni

    She had a mind, polished with the ash of gold It only got brighter as the memories grew old She…

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