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  1. I have walked roads so wide
    I have seen beauty held in pride
    To be frank,
    You’re beauty’s bank
    Your body has a voice
    That weakens my choice.
    You’re a woman to fill my life
    Someday, you will be my wife
    Darling, you’re too rich in beauty
    For poverty
    And too mature for puberty
    Beauty and poverty can’t share a hand
    I hope you understand.
    Black Rose!
    You’re today my pride
    Tomorrow my only bride
    For you, my love is loud
    Like a thunder in a cloud.
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Ollus Ndhom

Ollus Ndhom is the editorial chief at MuAfrica, a newbie online magazine. He is a self-driven and assertive youth with a belief in the power of words. His hobbies include writing commentaries, composing poems and serving God.

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