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Cold Case

The untold mystery

On our poetry feature today, we bring you Ng’andu Owen Chileleko. He is known to many as Doc Noc, a student currently studying with Rusangu university. Mr. Ng’andu is a poet, script writer and a celebrated multi-tasked media producer. As MuAfrica, we have purposefully decided at his consent to share his legendary literary creative:
Title: Cold Case (The untold mystery)
Author: The Last button (Doc Noc)
And so it began, the crisis unraveled.
Suddenly the sun stopped shining. The moon and the stars gave up their duty going on a quest to search for the lost light.
Nature wept at the sight of fallen roses.
When the natural selection became a killing spree, no life was to be spared.
The earth was covered in red painted petals with dried thorns piercing every flesh that came close to itx rest.
With no regard for what would be the outcome, out came the wind blowing the face of the earth with cold and dust, ashes and ashes the torment was growing.
The day seemed to be dragged into night when the clouds attached themselves so their warmth could suffice. But the more they got closer, the darker it became.
The atmosphere changed to blue…..
The wind was blowing,
The sky was darkening,
The rose petals kept falling,
Thorns readily ripe for piercing, pricking.
Then, wind whirled so spooky saying…
” Winter Has Come”

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Ollus Ndhom

Ollus Ndhom is the editorial chief at MuAfrica, a newbie online magazine. He is a self-driven and assertive youth with a belief in the power of words. His hobbies include writing commentaries, composing poems and serving God.

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