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Miss Darkness

By Praise Lubenda

Close your eyes 
Do you see her? 
Do you see her inexplicable beauty? 
Lips whose words you’ve always trusted 
Arms on which cuddles, comfort and warmth are polished 
Eyes so learned of your thoughts before they are displayed on your mind screen 
Fingers that embroider myriad pieces of her persona to your desired taste 
Ears so attentive that they grasp even your slightest whisper 
She is a secret keeper prodigy 
I wonder why this lady doesn’t drown in the thousand secrets that flood her yard 
Her home bears in you insane courage that like in a filthy theatre, drives you to perform gruesome scenes (sins) 
Don’t forget that she has a mania to expose all your secrets when interrogated by one handsome man 
Remember she only appears when the sun goes to bed, but her company unleashes acts to be dreaded for life… 
You know this lady, her name is Miss Darkness and the handsome man is Mr. Light! 
Stay away from her and her home.

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Mwila Moses

"Moses is a Web designer at Fivesense Innovates/blogger at muAfrica, Lover of all things Tech,Design, music and Culture"

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