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She had a mind, polished with the ash of gold

It only got brighter as the memories grew old

She was just addicted to intelligence and the books

She wore the crown of knowledge with those proud scholarly looks.


Her love for written words was one of a kind

She had lived all those fantasies ever set up in a clever mind

That spirit to rise and win was always brand new

To gather all that courage, she didn’t need a mountain dew.


Her dream was to explore new horizons

She wanted to travel until the time was frozen

She didn’t let go of her humanity even though her heart bleed

And hid the pain in the pages of a book that no one was supposed to read.


The best thing about her was the goodness in her soul

She was the shadow of a divine goddess standing tall

She had a friendly smile and a warm embrace

With that young and stupid heart, she aspired a heavenly grace.


She possessed a dragon’s heart

That courage she had was a heavenly moons park

All those secrets was safe in her keep

They were locked away in a lake so deep.



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Mwila Moses

"Moses is a Web designer at Fivesense Innovates/blogger at muAfrica, Lover of all things Tech,Design, music and Culture"

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