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By: Rapel Nana Rapanzo

You ask me why am so moody.
Why i have a temper So hot like pepper.
Why i turn down every good thing to bad.
Why i have no room for forgiveness.

My heart, my mind, my body
walked past the pain
to see the rain.
With pain my hands have caved to hold on to a grave.

Seeing myself die was twice the pain
My ambitions, my dreams yet to be accomplished but now lying in the dark.
I became silent the moment i barred my inner soul
Lost in a land of no man, i tried to escape but the chains where to tight to free myself.

Each day that passed me by brought a new pain,
And all i did was to swallow the bitter pill of lifes twist and turns.
Tired of hanging on, tired of hearing whispers and tired of questions and so i went silent.

Afraid of what people would say
Afraid of being made fun of
Afraid of not saying what they never want to hear
So i stayed mute.

Then silence begun to build softly.
It took me up and coverd me in total darkness.
And it said:
” you dont have to speak, with your voice and your lips. Shut them up!!! Instead, use your hands to speak in silence. It doesn’t mean when you are quiet then you are weak. Actions speak in volumes and they out number a rotten speech with no action. Stand up and use what you can, to do it right. ”

My SILENCE is not a symbol of weakness it is the birth of Revolution in a different way.”

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Ollus Ndhom

Ollus Ndhom is the editorial chief at MuAfrica, a newbie online magazine. He is a self-driven and assertive youth with a belief in the power of words. His hobbies include writing commentaries, composing poems and serving God.

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