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Speak with Thoughtfulness


Too often we speak without any thought, feeling or regard for how those words sound, feel, and influence others around us. How the world is full of chatter, banter and gossip, all mostly void of any true meaning, love or compassion. We fill our selves with verbal poison and infect others with untruths, negativity and myths, which they then, like sheep, follow and believe in for they lack so much self-confidence and self belief that they are the true, vulnerable, fragile victims of worthless, demeaning and viperous venom.
Let it be smooth, soothing, nectar that flows from you, not poison. Before, you open your mouth to speak, pause, observe and feel what the words hold. Are they compassionate, healing and will they make a difference? Will they bring people down or lift them, inspire or crush them. Are you a voice of love or a voice of anger and fear. Do you project hope and joy or hopelessness and despair.
Remember it it so easy to destroy but so much harder to rebuild. So let’s build our world with a fundamentally stable inner structure of love, compassion and unity. In this way nothing, no words, actions, or negative intentions will break or shake the foundations we have created and built together.

Peace to all!

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Ollus Ndhom

Ollus Ndhom is the editorial chief at MuAfrica, a newbie online magazine. He is a self-driven and assertive youth with a belief in the power of words. His hobbies include writing commentaries, composing poems and serving God.

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