Be Beautiful & Brainy

The wor that has gone out is that beautiful women are not always intelligent and intelligent women are not always beautiful. How true? 
It’s very easy to see beautiful women around but it takes more than just beauty to make a woman brainy. 
What kind of woman are you striving to be? 

There are lots of women whose sole aim is to look good physically but they pay no attention to their inner being. They can spend so much on Mary Kay to have a glowing facial skin, buy Louis Vuitton expensive bags, jewelry and designer clothings but on the inside, they’re so ugly. 
It’s not a crime to look good, trust me, I appreciate good looking women with good fashion combo but hey sister, what do you have to offer when men get closer to you? 

As much as you invest on your physical appearance, don’t fail to invest twice that amount on your inner self. Don’t just be a woman with beautiful appearance, work on the following too:

1. Character
King Solomon told us that beauty is vanity but a woman that fears the Lord shall be praised. Madam, you can prove him wrong by becoming beautiful and at the same time fear God. 
There are not so many beautiful women with enviable character. Don’t make your beauty your selling point, place much emphasis on your character. 

If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is missing but if character is lost, everything is gone. 
Your beauty will truly attract men but your character will keep men or send them away from you even Mr. Right. Strive to be a woman that fears the Lord because this would sharpen your character and determine how you behave before all kinds of men (boss, husband, in-laws and so on).

Invest so much in your character because people may forget how you look but they’ll never forget how you behave. 

2. Intelligence 

Truthfully speaking, not so many women are blessed with an high IQ unlike men; men are logical in nature but women are emotional. But be it as it may, you can break that law and make yourself an exception. 

Abigail did just that in the Bible. Do you remember her story in 1 Samuel 25? She was married to a man who was a fool but she was able to accommodate him. She was beautiful and brainy. Through her intelligence, she tamed David’s justice so that his wrath won’t be expressed on her family. 

Strive to be a woman who’s spiritually, financially and mentally intelligent. 
You can achieve these by investing more into your spiritual life. If you lack wisdom, ask God, meditate on God’s word frequently instead of reading gossip news or waste time on social media; buy godly books that would transform you inside out and don’t read junks (romance novels) that adds no value to your life and destiny. 

You cannot be more intelligent than what you feed your soul with. Don’t just wear the latest designers, update your knowledge so that your understanding can be broadened. Know little about everything rather than know nothing about important things in life. 

Strive to be a woman that can hold intelligent conversations with men or other women and don’t be a degree holder in gossip.

Ordinary men may tolerate beautiful women with no brain because of what they want to use them to achieve but real men needs a woman who balances both.
Having read through these series on striving to be the woman you ought to be, take note on the weaknesses in your life and convert them to strength. Do not forget that the kind of woman you are today is the same mother you’d become in the future and you’ll reproduce your kind in your children unless you embrace positive change now. 

Will I meet you at the top and discover that you have a beautiful container but no content? Be beautiful and brainy; God bless!

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Ollus Ndhom

Ollus Ndhom is the editorial chief at MuAfrica, a newbie online magazine. He is a self-driven and assertive youth with a belief in the power of words. His hobbies include writing commentaries, composing poems and serving God.

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